Leymens.com is the online e commerce store which deals only in M2B & B2B basis. In Leymens.com our teams visit and do market search for the SME and business traders and get them on board. In the project we are initially getting the vendors in women’s fashion textile market. second step is we get the products sample which the vendor is manufacturing and ask them to send it to our warehouse and all the formalities of vendor registration at the time of pickup. later on vendor receive welcome kit in that they receive login id password card with the card then can get the entry in warehouse, store, office and they get visiting card of company, brochure for future plans, welcome letter, security bond ,security cheque for their stock they provided, instruction to use. Stock is always unpaid from the vendor. They are paid for the products which are sold by use we provide the advance payments to the vendors for the sales generated by us for them. They even not have to upload the product starting from photoshoot and promotion of the product till final selling and dispatching are being carried by us. Vendors get the full service by our side in the part of designing and all if they acquire for our paid plans through this we provide employment to the freelancers designer and other photographers and models and each and everyone those who are outsourced for this work
Thirdly when stock is received at ware house accounts team get in action they go through all the stock and check the challan received from the vendors storage house or factories. By providing free ware housing service to the vendor we are reducing their cost of having storage house they can place machines in that space and can work easily. After the stock is checked by the inventory and accounts dept. the barcoding and branding is done on each and every product so we can ready up the product for the further processing. By the time QC team start their work and they carry on the process of checking for defects and quality part. One piece each designs is sent for product photoshoot part and we later on provide the edited images to the vendors for their work. Till this face we acquire freelancer photographers and models for the work. Now comes the turn of processing department this processing dept. transfer the photoshoot pieces to store and samples are being displayed in store for physical purchase by the customer . we are planning to open these type of store in every state in main city where there is the clientage of retailers. Product and promotion team start their work with editing and uploading of the product on the website so they start their promotion activities online and offline both. Website working is like sales executives call the retailers and target customers to sign up in the website and start shopping on website customer can have a look on the products and they can have the information of the products except prices. Customer are informed for the the pricing pattern on webside we have placed d.no. and its pricing pattern is
d.no divide by 2 is price . Customer can add product to cart then in cart there is just a sum up amount of 500 INR from each and every customer those who are purchasing from the website this amount is referred as booking amount for their purchase the sales executive then forward their proper estimate and after the finalization from the availability of stock the estimates are sent to the customer by using WhatsApp hence we receive their orders forms online from the back end we start processing later on the sales team ask for the payments in company bank account customer can also amend the orders before and after the payment adjustment are to be carried forward by the team and working is completed at the sales process by the team. Company is planning to hire 500 tele sales executive for the activity and space and allotments are required for these type of working. Corporate office is planned at Jaipur only.
Further process moves with after receiving the payment from the customers accounts and inventory department coordinately start working with the order form account dept check for the payments and all the orders estimates they take printout currently we are using two software’s for the accounting one is Retail graph for inventory management and another is tally erp9. Inventory dept. packs the order shipment is booked by accounts. Dept and orders get delivered before time till date.

The website have special benefits of d.no retailers and reseller can directly send the link of website to their clients and customers because their rates are confidential and they can easily work on the website on the same part. We get the products from the SMEs at the minimum prices and high quality products we define quality by selling we do not require advertisement for the selling because if one clients order from our platform then they get the best services from our side and they become habitual due to unavailability of much funds we are not scaling to different industries and places if we get the funding for this project this project is money spinner and we can get the crores of turnover even in this economically down market stands.
We are working this projects from 4 to 5 years but facing the problems we came on the current stage of launching. We require mentoring from I start Rajasthan side and mentors and investors so we can present our project for launch being. Being into this project from the age of 15 I have spent 5 years on the finalization of project and this project is loss proof project. It can go NPNL but never in negative. We can provide as much as employment we want to the unemployed persons even from illiterate to fully educated IIM and IITs can be hired in this project. We request you to please provide a meeting for the better explanation of the project hence we have fully explained this project in words by our side
Thanking You